Menu Planning Restaurant

Want to create a well-designed menu for your restaurant? As one of the leading restaurant consultants in India and having worked with several clients, we have mastered the art of developing impactful and creative menus. Here are some expert tips that you must know when creating a restaurant menu:

Highlight the food items that are made using low-priced ingredients, are delicious and can be sold at a higher price.

Place cheaper but high-profit dishes beside ones that are expensive. It easily catches the eye of the customer, who, when comparing the rates, will tend to order the former dish.

The design of the menu should be uncluttered. Do not add messy graphics; instead, use aesthetically pleasing and clear fonts in bold.

Always add a description to the dishes to give an idea of what you are offering to the customers.

Identify the dishes that are not much in demand and remove them from the menu. Instead, add some new variations and give your customer something new.

Restaurant menu planning is a tedious task that needs a lot of skill. We at SSA Hospitality work with a team of skilled and practised employees who have years of experience in creating restaurant menus. Call us to learn how we can design a menu for your restaurant.