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About SS Associates

“When the customer comes first, the customer will last.” - Robert Half

Hospitality and food industry leaders, experts, and multi-disciplinary professionals from the hospitality industry services networked and bandied up to set-up the hospitality consultancy services- SS Associates. Our efforts were put into action mode when we commenced our operations in the year 2014.

Core expertise, awareness, proficiency and keen understanding of what we endeavour to offer in the hospitality industry is what makes up one of the pioneering hospitality management companies in India- SS Associates. Being very hands-on, and having derived experience accordingly, it is our aim to offer functional, practical, profit-aligned consultative services across different streams and domains of hospitality management and solutions spanning across restaurants, hotel and resort properties and related business services. A hands-on approach and support are what we offer to all our clients’ so that our recommendations could be applied and implemented for positive, beneficial results.

Our experience has given us keen insights that we can very seamlessly apply to our clients’. Depending on project requisites, we put together a multi-disciplinary team who have the necessary skill sets and expertise to make the perfect fitment to any hospitality consultancy project. Over time, hotel and restaurant owners, hospitality executives, investors and operators from the length and breadth of the hospitality industry have come to bank on the experience of SS Associates. Our pioneering thought processes and practised talent from the industry are proven and perfected for any hospitality assignments.

We are one of the well-known hospitality consultancies in India with an established network and good set of connections with independently associated MEP services and hospitality architects in India. For anyone seeking hospitality consultancy services, or wants to consult with our hotel consultant, kitchen planning consultants, or even restaurant consultants, SS Associates is practically just a call away!

Our key expertise comes from our diverse experiences and having worked in a range of disciplines within the different hospitality management segments like F&B, hotels, restaurants, resorts, clubs, food menu planning and designing and more.

Our broad-based and niche experiences are helping us grow our imprints hospitality consultants in the hospitality consultancy services arena. And that is why we have the ability and the foresight to think through and engage in end-to-end hospitality management planning and services. Most of all, our bespoke solutions can be tailored and customized to suit individual client requisites. By engaging in something this insightful, we have been able to deliver very beneficial and gainful results in the realm of hospitality industry services.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not a single act, but a habit.” - Aristotle

Collaborative efforts spell success and the SS Associates logo represents just that. Collaboration, team work and strategic alliances have helped us grow our brand in the hospitality industry as a pioneering hotel management company. We have singularly and collectively grown our footprints in the hotel industry and established our hospitality consulting services with the aid of the three Es that made it happen- experience, exposure and expertise.

It is our priority to work cohesively with a common goal and this is our mainstay. We, as a team of professional hospitality consultants in India are focused on capitalizing every opportunity made available, taking on every assignments and engagements, and to ensure that every project is several notches higher. This is to ensure that the value-add we bring is easily identifiable, quantifiable, and have a visible positive impact and change.

At SS Associates it is our philosophy to approach assignments or projects from ‘square one’ by relying on tried and tested methodologies. Whatever be the nature of the project, if we were to be conceptualizing and conceiving your next dream restaurant or resort or hotel or want a detailed menu planning and food designing to be undertaken, or if it is kitchen planning and designing, or if you are planning on brand affiliation for your hotel or franchise, the hospitality consultants, SS Associates is there. We attribute all our successful engagements to our experience and applying proven structures coupled with our proficiency and knowhow. And yes, the rich experience our hotel consultants, kitchen planning consultants, and restaurant consultants come with, are complementary to the work at hand.


We amalgamate our ideas with the vision of our clients, for every new project we undertake for our clients is like a newborn baby for us!


To be the leaders in the field of hospitality consulting by engaging in quality projects and making our client’s dreams come true!!