Steps To Starting a Successful Restaurant

Restaurant Consultants: Steps To Starting a Successful Restaurant

The Food and Beverage industry has considerable risks and also calls for some tough working hours. However, if starting a restaurant has been the dream of your life, then it can be the most rewarding experiences for you.
Have you had a life-long ambition of starting a restaurant? Or are you in the middle of starting one? Then, this blog is just for you. As one of the most popular Restaurant Consultants in India, we will discuss clearly and briefly expert-curated steps involved in starting a successful restaurant.
The Steps To Start A Successful Restaurant In India in 2022

  • Decide the concept of your restaurant: Based on the amount of capital you have, APC, or the average price a customer will be willing to spend on your restaurant, decide the concept, cuisine, and theme. Get a business plan ready which will be handy for future expansion.
  • Get Investment: Write down the numbers first and then look for funding for the capital. You can either fund it yourself, take a loan, or obtain VC or Angel funding.
  • Evaluate the restaurant costs: Calculate the costs involved in food preparation and labour. Also, consider the overhead costs like rent, interiors, kitchen equipment, restaurant license, marketing, etc.
  • Decide the Location: This is a vital factor to consider as the location will determine the public flow. The location should be visible and readily accessible. You also have to obtain a NOC (No objection certificate) from at least 3 of your neighbours.
  • Obtain all the required licenses to start and run a restaurant: As the leading restaurant consultants in India, we suggest you obtain the following:

    Trade license from the local municipal corporation
    FSSAI License
    GST Registration
    Professional Tax License
    Liquor License
    Business Registration

  • Get the required manpower: Bring on board the right talent, which includes the kitchen, service, and management staff. Set up advertisements or use social media to spread the word!
  • Design an incredible Menu: A smartly designed menu is what will bring people to you. With years of experience in Restaurant Consulting services, the experts at SSA Hospitality will help you in crafting the best men suited to your restaurant cuisine, theme, and concept.
  • Arrange for Suppliers and Vendors: Decent suppliers and vendors are crucial for the smooth functioning of the restaurant. Do you need help there? As experienced Restaurant Consultants, we will be happy to help!
  • Install The Right Technology: Robust POS technology has helped in streamlining restaurant operations. Employ the best one for your restaurant.

Collaborate with SSA Hospitality for Seamless Restaurant Set-up and Launch

SSA Hospitality is a team of result-driven experts and provides the best Restaurant Consulting services in India. If starting a restaurant is your passion, we will be glad to help you along your journey. Get in touch with us, and let's set up a place to dine and eat together!