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As hospitality consultancy services company In India, SS Associates are coveted by Hotel/ resort investors and regarded as the top hotel consultant in india for their projects and running hotel properties. Our understanding of the hotel and resort business and hotel operations help us increase revenue generation, optimize costs and standardize processes. This eventually helps increase the bottom line of the hotel’s P&L, and thus boosting the hotel’s GOP.

We ensure the SOPs are guest-centric but at the same time employee-friendly too. We help create a workforce which is focused on business development and are service-oriented. From experience we know that this leads to utmost guest satisfaction and this would bring in more business, like repeat guests and word of mouth. Our focus is to develop a multi-skilled workforce which helps the hotel optimize manpower costs.

Brand positioning is a recent entry and is now an important aspect of any hotel and resort business. This could be a new launch or relaunching of an existing property. Or, it could be a course correction or changes made. With our understanding of the hotel business, SS Associate helps hotel investors with all the required hotel branding and marketing services. Our hotel branding and marketing experts help in the hotel’s brand positioning and create a strategic marketing plan for hotels. This includes increasing the brand presence, visibility, and social media marketing. All of this helps gain good MPIs and RGIs.


Success Comes with Experience

As one of the leading hotel Consultant Companies, SSA Hospitality takes pride in the diverse range of projects that it has worked on in the Hospitality industry.

As experienced Hotel Management Consultants, we ensure that the SOPs are guest-centric and employee-friendly. We help create a service-oriented and multi-skilled workforce focused on business development.

Having greater expertise than other Hotel Consultant Companies, we know that 100% guest satisfaction is vital to thrive in the Hospitality Industry.


SSA Hospitality has unparalleled understanding and experience of the Hotel and Resort business, and we help our clients to:

  • Drive revenue generation
  • Optimize operational costs and standardize processes
  • Optimize manpower costs
  • Enhance the venture’s P&L
  • Boost the hotel’s GOP.

SSA Hospitality also provides professional Brand Positioning and Marketing Services for both new ventures and re-launch of old ones.

  • Creation and Development of a strategic marketing plan
  • Enhancing the brand presence
  • Driving online visibility
  • Executing perfect social media marketing strategies

SSA Hospitality will provide the perfect solutions for better MPIs and RGIs for your venture.
Choose the best Hotel Management Consultants and choose growth!

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