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Hospitality Consultancy

SS Associates, One of the best hospitality consultant in India are regarded as leaders in the field of hospitality consultancy services. Our team of hospitality consultants provide consultancy on all aspects of the hospitality industry, be it, conceptualizing the hospitality business, feasibility report, planning, overseeing execution of your project or even managing your hospitality venture to maximize utilization of available resources and thus yield high profits for your venture.

We at SS Associates offers superlative hospitality consultancy services and undertake all assignments as hospitality consultants and hotel consultants for developing top-notch boutique hotels, resorts, international standard clubs and upscale five-star hotels. We are among one of the renowned hospitality management companies in India known for our fully integrated approach to deliver outstanding client services.

Our key focus areas include:

  • Advise investors on hospitality business and ventures
  • Advise and guide investors on hospitality projects
  • Advise and assist investors and operators to help maximize resources and increase profit margins
  • Oversee hospitality projects on behalf of investors
  • Analyse & advise on existing business portfolio to enhance brand perception & brand value
  • Financial analysis and evaluation to maximize rooms and F&B profitability
  • Developing & implementing SOPs- Standard Operating Procedures & conducting periodical audits to ensure strict compliance of brand standards
  • Developing brand manuals for upcoming hotels/ motels and restaurants


A glance at our Hospitality Consultancy Services

SS Associates is a new-age Hospitality Consulting firm offering specialized services in the Hospitality industry across major locations in India.

As the leading Hospitality Consultants in India, SS Associates provides a comprehensive consulting environment through a diverse and professional team of consultants.


The Best deserve only the best:

  • Conceptualizing ventures in the hospitality business
  • Developing Feasibility reports
  • Planning and oversight of project execution
  • Venture management for maximum resource utilization and profits

Our services cater to:

  • Top-notch boutique hotels
  • Resorts
  • International standard clubs
  • Upscale five-star hotels

Here’s what our work involves as the best Hospitality Consultants in India:

  • Professional suggestions and guidance to investors on hospitality business, ventures, and projects
  • Ensure maximum resource utilization and drive profit margins
  • Oversee hospitality projects on behalf of investors
  • Optimize brand perception and value through professional insights on existing business portfolio
  • Financial analysis
  • Development and implementation of SOPs
  • Execute periodical audits to ensure strict compliance with brand standards

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