Menu Planning and Food designing

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Menu Planning and Food designing

With experienced and innovative chefs on board our restaurant consulting services, SS Associates- are leading restaurant consultants in India. We can literally bring the ‘wow’ factor to your food menu. Since our core team has collectively spent more than 40 years working on various cuisines in various first-class kitchens, we practically walk the talk when it comes to food and cuisines. Most of all, for experienced menu planning and food designers like us, this is a cakewalk.

Understanding the science behind cuisines and food, and thus crafting a food menu that goes with the theme and the ideology of a restaurant, we understand the many nuances of how a menu should be created and developed.

We know that the menu should not only fit the bill but should be in line with the concept and it should be palatable. This is to ensure that there is a crave element in place, so guests come back for more, and most of all, it meet costs and is cost-effective.

The cuisines that the kitchen consultants and restaurant consultants of SS Associates have worked on, spans across Continental to Indian, Asian to Mediterranean, and Mexican to Middle Eastern cuisines.

How do the restaurant consultants of SS Associates arrive at that one elusive menu perfected for your restaurant?

  • We first devise a very broad-level menu plan and from that we fine-tune and derive the final menu
  • For our restaurant menu planning, there are categorizations and item count ups in place
  • A thorough menu R&D further sifts through the menu planning and food designing
  • We shift focus on to the test kitchen and see if we can generate that ‘wow’ factor
  • Not just the taste, we also focus on the aesthetics behind the food and its presentation
  • The food design and visual elements are also considered
  • The final food costs, time taken, and profits are also considered
  • Sourcing the raw materials is determined- Outlining the flow of raw materials from the farm to the table
  • We also help plan the type of crockery, cutlery and glassware needed to enhance the dining experience of your guests
  • We help document the menu and the recipes
  • Packaging proposals are in place
  • Selecting vendors
  • HAACP suggestions


That Appeals, Amazes and Attracts

The key to running a restaurant successfully is to ensure that there's innovation and creativity that will set your venture a class apart.

SSA Hospitality has the best food designers, menu designers, and professional chefs on the team and that is why we have been providing the best food design services in India. Do you want your food menu to have a ‘wow’ factor? Then, collaborate with SSA Hospitality- which collectively has 40+ years of working on different cuisines and first-class kitchens.

We provide customized and eminent food design services that perfectly fit your restaurant theme and style. Our services are cost-effective, and we understand the science behind designing a solid food menu.


Our expertise ranges across the following cuisines:

  • Continental
  • Indian
  • Asian 
  • Mediterranean 
  • Mexican
  • Middle Eastern

The process behind our food designing services:

  • Preparation of a very broad-level menu plan 
  • Categorization and item count-ups 
  • Further sifting and filtering for a thorough menu by the R&D 
  • Generation of the ‘wow’ factor
  • Designing the aesthetics behind food and its presentation
  • Developing visual elements of the menu
  • Deciding the final food costs
  • Sourcing of raw materials
  • Designing the type of crockery, cutlery and glassware to be used for a premium dining experience
  • Documentation of the menu and recipes
  • Packaging proposals
  • Vendor selection
  • HAACP suggestion

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